Attention: People / Dikkat: İnsanlar
Created as a school project.
The pictograms which are prepared for the areas that we are in everyday which are not defined but that we all well know. The purpose is to prepare people to what they might see.

Peeing Zone / İşeme Bölgesi
Vomithing Zone / Kusan İnsan Bölgesi 
Stinking Zone / Ter Kokan Adam Bölgesi
Old Angry Woman Zone / Teyze Bölgesi
Kissing Zone / Öpüşen Çiftler Bölgesi
Old Homeless Alcoholic Zone / Evsiz Alkolik Bölgesi
Big Mouth Zone / Yüksek Sesle Konuşanlar Bölgesi
"Party on your own" Zone / Yüksek Sesle Müzik Dinleyenler Bölgesi
İstanbul İstiklal Caddesi
İstanbul İstikal Caddesi
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